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Tenants Rights/ Human Rights

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I have, up until the last 2 years, been a house owner. Due to unforeseen circumstances we have needed to privately rent. My god what an eye opener it has been!!!!
I now find that I am actually a second class citizen.
I have basically no rights.
I can no longer call a house home.
I have to live to the Landlords Rules.
I have no rights to smoke in my own home.
I have no right to keep pets in my own home.
I have no right to live with my own choice of décor.
If I need repairs doing I have to wait until they get around to doing them.
What happened to my rights? Why can I not decorate to my tastes? Why can I not have pets?
Why do I have to wait endless amounts of time for the agent and landlord to get round to repairs.
I am not a moaning tenant.
We have damp around all of the windows, two attempts have been made to correct this over the last six months, however it has not gone.
I have now had unpredictable hot water for 6 weeks. They are now arguing with the water board that there is not enough pressure so this will get sorted in…………..whenever.
From advise I have read “a reasonable amount of time” should be given for repairs to be completed. Who? May I ask defines “reasonable”
I am however able to complain to the correct “bodies” if the correct procedures are followed which of course they have not been.
I am not allowed to withhold rent until these are done, if I pay for them myself I will not get my money back. I am not compensated for the extra costs incurred by us for repairs not getting done.
I hate this house but trying to find alternative accommodation is a nightmare as I have 2 large dogs.

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Sorry to hear you are having a poor renting experience. We recommend you contact your landlord directly and try to negotiate some of the terms you are unhappy about. Usually this is more effective before the tenancy agreement is signed, but as often is the case, it is only after we have signed on the dotted line that we realise what it means in reality.

With regard to the hot water situation, please see our Help and Advice article titled Heating and Hot Water.

Here is a link to the Shelter website for further assistance should you need it.


The trick with getting repairs done is to put everything in writing, keep a record with dates, and be persistent. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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