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My partner and I recently applied to rent a property through Martin & Co and paid £120 each for our application, the reference checks were done via the Landlord Hub and I got a call from the agent to say my application had been declined (my partner’s was accepted). The reason given was that my income was too low which I was completely baffled by, I’m self employed so my accountant provided the figures, they only asked for my profit which isn’t enough but the email stated that my wages and dividends should also be taken into account as I own a Limited company, no-one at this point thought to ask what they would total, if they had my application would’ve been accepted. I’ve tried ringing and emailing the Landlord Hub but they are now ignoring me! The estate agent has said there’s nothing they can do, we are no longer interested in the property its more about getting our money back and also some kind of explanation as to why their systems allowed this to happen, has anyone else had a bad experience with this company? Any advice as to how I proceed now they won’t answer my calls would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi Catherine

We’ve seen complaints about Landlord’s Hub before and especially their poor communication and ignoring people. There’s some useful information here about making complaints (including letter templates you can use) – an ombudsman is probably your best bet after you’ve put it all in writing to the complaints or legal team at Landlord Hub. It might also be worth speaking to someone at a law centre or citizens advice – if a lack of understanding of your self employed status has caused you loss then you might be able to take action on that basis. If they’re going to be offering referencing as their business then they need to ensure that they’re taking into account the various different ways in which people earn income, not just salaries – that’s basic. I’m also self employed and have a corporate structure for tax purposes and it seems to baffle agents. It’s quite common now so there’s no reason for it to be baffling other that ignorance or laziness. 



Hi Alex

Thank you so much for your response its really appreciated, great information there so I’ll have a proper look into that. I’m making a formal complaint against the estate agent now but I’m definitely going to pursue a complaint against the landlord hub too as they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

Thank you again, Catherine


No problem, good luck.


As the site wont let me start a new post I shall respond to yours:
6th May 2016: Agreed to take on a tenancy paid £360 for referencing.
9th May (PM) Received an e-form.
from 10th to 13th May they changed there mind every day, they tried to contact my current landlord, did not belive my accountants personal and professional references, They then decided that I and my accountant were lying about my employment status and decided that I was self employed . The demanded 6 months personal bank statments and 6 months company bank statements.
Yesterday I informed the agent of the latest issues and he supported their position. Needless to say I have pulled out of taking up this tenancy.
This company are unprofessional, unfair and like to bully prospective tenants. I have refered them and the agent to the Ombudsmen and asked my solicitor to assess the legality (and compliance with the Data Protection Act) due to the add hoc and willy nilly methods they have of using multiple persons to gather personal and sensitive data.
An appalling bunch of cowboys.

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