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The LandlordHub duties

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We are a Spanish family with 2 teenagers trying to move to Glasgow. We applied to rent a flat in the city and the letting agency started the review process through The LandlordHub. No big deal in here.

We filled the on-line form and we sent all the info they requested, including referees in UK and Spain, and lots of documents we were asked to provide next day by phone, including both (mum & dad) full Income Tax return forms.

The thing is that we are in our third week of waiting for the outcome of the review. This very morning we have learned that some of the emails we sent were missing (fortunately we sent them 3 times!!!). For some obscure reason (we were told today by phone “Sorry, but we have been very busy”) they haven’t gone through our documents… yet!!!

So, in our third week, we are still in “square one” and, which is even worst, no indication of moving forward nor a deadline.

How long does it take to do the checking? (at this speed it will take, literally, months). Is that a standard duration for doing this work or is it just a relaxed way of doing business by The LandlordHub?

Angel Fernandez &
Isabel de la Cruz

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I haven’t used landlord hub but it normally only takes a week or so to do this kind of thing. It’s hugely unprofessional to say ‘sorry we’ve been busy’ – it just means that their service is badly organised and they can’t cope with demand. 

Are you dealing direct with landlord hub or through the agents? If through the agents I’d try chasing it up directly with Landlord Hub. It’s a good idea to find out how long Landlord Hub say they take for the process and then if it’s the agents being slow you know who to chase. Remember that you’re paying for this referncing, which makes it a service that, as a consumer, you have a right to demand is better performed.

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