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My parents have sold their house to free the money and move into a rented property.

The checks being made by The Landlords Hub are exceptional. They have required:

1. the last two years statements on the Easy Saver account showing the £273,000 cash they have and what amounts have been paid out so that they can make an assessment of them being able to pay next years rent.

2. A full years rent in advance (£12,000)

3. 6 months statements from my Fathers ISA account

4. 6 months statements from my Fathers personal account

5. Copies of the P60 from each of the four [personal pension plans he is drawing on.

6. 3 months bank statements from my Mother

7. P60 of my Mother pension plan

8. Consent forms for both had to be downloaded, signed and emailed back allowing The Landlord hub to make checks

My parents are due to move out of their home in six weeks and we are still waiting for The Landlords Hub to say if they are approved and will be allowed to move into the new house.

You can not find a telephone number on the Landlords Hub to call them but have to look up their Whois on line and get who the website is registered to and call them. there is a contact form on line but it takes several days for the to respond.

My parents are worried and not sleeping due to all these checks and concern that their personal identities, their address, bank details, credit cards, telephone numbers, etc are all now copied.

i know the the Landlords Hub will say that they are set up in a proper manner but that doesn’t stop any of their employees copying and passing themselves off as my parents.

It is no wonder that so many tennents are failing to pass the checks when the checks seem to exceed all expectations.

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Hi Carleton

I know that tenants who are retired are often subject to more in depth checks as a result of having no future employment income but that does seem excessive. Have they paid over the £12,000 rent up front already?

I can see from the website that they offer tenant referencing services but I haven’t come across a website like that without any other information before. 

There’s a limited company called The Landlord Hub on the Companies House data base, which has a registered office of:






PE2 6LR 

I also found this – if it’s the same business there’s a phone number at the end of it that could be used.



Agent here: If they haven’t paid the money already I’d walk away and find another property.


 I am trying to rent a property with a company who use Landlord Hub. I need my Father to be a referee the checks and information they are asking for are intrusive and excessive. I understand that Landlords need security, but this experience has forced me to look else where, and I am sure that I am not the only person who has come to this conclusion. If any Landlords are reading this, you may want to consider how much business this company is losing you.

Service provider



I work for The Landlord Hub and I’m really sorry you’ve found the checks we’ve made intrusive or excessive. As a business we work on behalf of the letting agent, and so although we do have a set of criteria that we apply to a tenancy application we also have to take instruction from the letting agent and, in some instances they will ask for us to check additional information.


While I am unable to comment on these specific cases in a forum due to data protection, I am happy to discuss them with you individually. We’re available Monday – Thursday 9am-8.30pm, Thursday 9am-5.30pm and Saturday 9am -1pm, and you can speak to me directly on 01733 396011.








I am due to move out of this property on the last day of the month, the property I am moving into is subject to approval by The Landlord Hub. Three weeks have passed since I applied and now i too am worried and unable to make plans. i find this company patronising, immature, difficult to get in touch with and their on-line forms impossible to submit.

I would not recommend this company to anyone.


I have just posted my experince with Lanlord Hub. They are unprofessional, rude , and not caring. They make up stories about referencing and pass this information on? What I like to know is who gave them the licence to make these decisions? Noone I have spoken to was professional and mannered.



Well, my experience wasn’t any better.

This third party agency hired by some letting agencies is the worst option to have referencing processed promptly, professionally, quickly and adequately.

Moreover, a relative forward process is unnecessarily slowed down by hiring this unprofessional third party agency.

There’s serious issues here to support my opinion:
– From an informatics standpoint of view: the web form is poorly designed, so one might seriously doubt the informatics platform on the background.
– Additionally on informatics: the chosen type setting and additional features of the mails had all mails constantly ending up in trash. What user regularly screens his trash for important mail?
– From an ethical standpoint of view: the information asked on the web form and later by telephone/email goes far beyond good reason.
– From an adequate process point of view: the company needed constant reminders by me and the letting agents to advance the process more quickly. However, after two weeks, they still haven’t finished the process.

In the mean time, I have contacted another letting agency. With old style referencing, they were able to schedule a viewing, have me view the apartment and process the application and complete the referencing. All within 36 hours.

So next time, I’ll check with the letting agency how the referencing is processed. If they choose to use, I will not even apply for the apartment.


I am trying to be a guarantor for a friend and am subject to the vetting processes of The Landlod Hub. I have found them to be polite and pleasant on the phone, but their vetting procedures are over-the-top, and I have now been through several iterations, each time being asked for more information. As a retired person they clearly regard me as unreliable. I have more than sufficient assets and good life-expectancy. I too object to the level of scrutiny to which I have been subjected. Of course there is a level of risk associated with their work but the application of over-the-top risk management criteria is not a good solution. Anyone with any sense would regard people like me as a good guarantor. The people who take the calls there are clearly working to a checklist and have no discretion. There should be another level of scruitiny for people who do not meet the basic criteria but are still potentially good risks. Come on Landlord Hub – you are capable of doing better than this! You are letting down your landlords as well as their tenants by failing to identify all potentially suitable guarantors.


I have had the same problems as you.My wife and I are retired,and am very well off finacially,providing 4 MTHS bank accounts and everything else they asked of us,plus £340 for refs.The house we wanted was guarenteed to us by Martins & co. estate agents,let agreed,taken off the market,and verbally told by the totally incompetent clown of a manageress,they had spoken to the land lady,moving date agreed,everything ready to go. Then I recieved an e-mail from this bunch to total idiots at “the landlord hub”with reams of absolutely ridiculous question,and very personel.I refused to give some details of my fiances,even though I have £230,000 diclosed,they wanted to know absolutely everything.I refused,and lost the house.I would not advise anyone to go near this rubbish with a barge pole,they only want your money,you get nothing else from them.They are a complete and utter nightmare,to say the least.


My partner and have had similar problems with landlordhub disbelieving our references and payslips – on one occassion thery said they would not accept payslips sent by yahoo or as word documents because these can be ” tampered with ” …so you have a company that is quite challenging and hard to get hold of but that acts as judge and jury on perfectly decent people. . And they now possess a frightening amount of personal and financial details about us and our business . No wonder it has been a horrendous experience. They are still ” doing checks ” even after we have moved in. Over zealous or what ? I will be writing to them directly , as well as our letting agency and possibly my MP as they are quite a disgraceful company. And I will never go through any agent using them in future.

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