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The other side of the story

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As an agent that really cares about tenants and the issues surrounding letting we wanted to show that unfortunately not all tenants are blameless and trustworthy.

One of our tenants has recently just left the property, with no notice or contact at all, leaving the owner with a £3000.00 insurance claim for criminal damage. When the tenant moved in a year ago the whole property had been refurbished with new decor and carpets throughout as well as a new fitted kitchen and new bathroom suite and shower.

As a non EU national and despite taking up references and checking visas and passports we have no way of tracing him as he has left the company he was working for and has possibly left the UK too. The police have been informed but it is very hard for them to do anything at all except give a crime number.

We wanted to share this as sometimes the TTV only shows issues that tenants have with agents and landlords (understandably so) but there is always 2 sides to every story!.

We have shown our commitment to the cause by being fully regulated and one of the first approved members of the TTV but unfortunately our rogue tenant has not.

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