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The Twins are coming!

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Me and my better half have been recently blessed with the news we are having twins! A bit of a shock! They are due with us in May. Unfortunately for us, we found out this news 2 weeks after signing up for another year in our cute 1 bed cottage. With twins having a tendnancy to join the world early and our tenancy not being up for renewal until late August we are in a bit of a pickle. Our estate agents have informed us that they can put the property back on the market early, but it will cost us £460! So I guess my question is, and I could be massively naive here, but are there any rights or laws that prevent a couple and 2 babies living in a 1 bed house. Were reluctant to pay the £460 but right now we have no choice as we can’t spend 4 months all couped up together in our current property. Any help or advice appreciate ?


Hi Anthony

I’m not a lawyer but unless the property is council owned or an HMO (you’re not) then I can’t think how this would be against the law. But you could speak to someone at Citizens Advice or a law centre for legal advice.

Why don’t you contact the landlord directly and ask them to agree in writing to surrender the property? Explain your situation and appeal to their better nature. Some agents are just obstructive so it’s better to go around them – you can find the landlord’s contact details on your tenancy. You could offer to find the new tenants yourself which would remove the agent’s need to charge you. Have you asked what that fee is actually for? Seems incredibly high.

Also, has your tenancy got a break clause? Many allow you to break the tenancy after six months as long as you give your two months notice after four – which would be about now by the sounds of it.


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