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They entered my property

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I moved out of my privately rented house and moved into a council house. I had to pay the month as my new tenancy overlapped with my new one so theoretically I have a month till my tenancy ends (15/7/15)

I received a text from my friend over the road to where I lived (that property is now empty) to tell me that there was a British gas van outside the house and  they entered the property,. My friend called the letting agency and didn’t seem bothered even though the alarm was going off.

My question is, aether allows to do that as my tenancy hasn’t ended yet and instill have the keys and I still have to pick up the rest of my stuff and clean the place. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jayne

Regardless of whether you’re actually living there, if you’re paying rent and the tenancy has not yet ended then the landlord/agent must still give you 24 hours notice to enter the property – and you must consent to that entry. 

You might want to point out to the agents that they’re putting the landlord at risk of being sued for trespass by enterting a property without the tenant’s consent and that if anything of yours is broken, because they were there without consent, they would have to cover the cost  of it. They’re also putting the landlord in breach of the tenancy agreement with their actions and I doubt he/she would be happy to continue using them if their actions open him up to legal consequences.

If they still don’t respond then contact the landlord direct and let them know what the agents are doing.


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