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Three increases in deposit money, demanded.

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Dear Forum

I paid £60 for an end of tenancy clean for 5 hours cleaning in a studio flat, my land lady asked me to put the keys through her letter box on leaving. I feel the flat was given back to her in resonalbly good condition. the flat it self was not in good condition when I moved in with no heating, insullation and vast dampness and mould through out.

Four days later she sent me a facebook message saying she would want money for net curtains and 2 extra hours cleaning, I queried an extra 2 hours cleaning and offered to return to make any rectifications, but she never replied. I emailed her a week later to say as have not had any response take it there is on to this and no further action required on my part.

She seems to have taken exception to this and some days later responded with a unpleasantly worded email with a long list (inc £55 for cleaning the kitchen, I watched my own cleaner clean it) adding to £102 which includes some greatly inflated items.

I replied saying the list and cost was unreasonable, so she then increased the list up too the moneies of £227.

Can she increase the amount demanded from my deposit three times, from some cheap net curtains and some cleaning too £227 ??




Hi Brian

I would open a dispute with the tenancy deposit protection scheme that holds your deposit. You should have been notified of the name at the start of the tenancy. It’s up to the landlord to prove to the scheme a right to make deductions, she can’t just suddenly decide what she wants and then increase it if you annoy her. Deductions can only be made for damage to the property. It sounds like your landlord is taking the proverbial so refer it to a scheme and she might well start behaving herself.

If your deposit wasn’t protected and you have an assured shorthold tenancy then you can make a claim against the landlord for the return of the entire deposit (automatic if it wasn’t protected) plus compensation of 1-3 times the amount. Here’s some more info on how to do it.


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