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Touring Caravan Charge

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My Landlord of 6 years has just recently added a charge for me having my caravan on my drive. I have had the Caravan for the whole tenency and never before have I heard of this nor was it stated in the tenancy aggreement . 

I really need to know if I am legally bound to pay for this unexpected charge . It’s used in the summer for weekens away with my Son. 

Many thanks for any advice 


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Hi Tracey

What does your tenancy say about this – normally most tenancies will require that you have the landlord’s permission in writing to have something like a caravan on the property. However, if you could prove the landlord has always known about the caravan that could amount to permission. In terms of the charge, how has the landlord introduced this? I.e. is it attached to signing a new tenancy?

The landlord could well be within his rights to request a charge to keep the caravan on the property, as long as it has been introduced correctly – however, if you’d like some legal advice on whether you can resist this I’d speak to Citizens Advice.


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