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Two months notice; legal?

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We have rented our current property for 8 months with a 6 month fixed AST to start with and then what I assume is a rolling contract from there. We pay our rent monthly on the 1st. We have come across a perfect home for us and now wish to serve notice. Our contract states that we must give two months notice. Is this enforceable? I have read legislation that would suggest it’s not but I can’t understand lawyer lingo! I think that only one months notice is required despite the contract.

I’d be grateful to hear people’s thoughts and experiences on this.


Hi Ben,

Legally as a Tenant your are only required to give 1 month’s notice- however you must also comply with any minimum length terms of your tenancy. The minimum tenancy term/earliest end date applies regardless of notice served.

Requesting 2 months notice is common, however (we ask this in our Tenancy Agreements), simply as this allows the Landlord more time to prepare and matches the legal notice required by them.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

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