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Two of three tenants wish to renew a tenancy

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Hi everyone, I have the following question. There are three tenants in a joint tenancy agreement. One of the tenants has informed the agent that he wishes to move out after the term ends. The other two tenants want to stay but refuse to look for other flatmates, saying it’s the tenant who is moving out who needs to find a replacement tenant. My question is, what happens when the term expires, is the one tenant still responsible for paying his share of the rent even though he didn’t agree to any renewal of the tenancy agreement or any new tenancy agreement (periodic)? Thanks for your opinions.

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Okay, joint tenancies work like so: 

When the fixed term end, each tenant has the right to end the tenancy by serving the correct notice, usually 1 month. The tenancy will end for all tenants and the deposit needs to be returned. 

The remaining tenants and the landlord are free to draft a new tenancy and also find a new tenant to take the place of the one that is leaving. 

The tenant moving out has no responsibility to find a replacement tenant or to continue paying rent, if they properly ended the tenancy. 

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