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I used to pay rent to a letting agent. But because I was always working during their office hours I had to keep posting the money through in an envelope. Despite the front of the office being completely glass so people could see the envelope on the floor. As they wouldn’t let me pay it into a account.

I finally got fed up of this and told them that anyone could steal that money and I’d probably be the one who would have to replace the money. So they said it would probably be better for me if I dealt directly with my landlord.

Upon speaking to my landlord he said he will let me pay it into an account and will send me the bank details. 

He did no such thing and now I’m in arrears as he is now insisting on cash in hand.

I told him I work till late and this is why I asked to pay it into an account to begin with.

He’s not even replying to my messages anymore. I asked again this morning for bank details and he completely ignored it.

I’m now worried what action he will take next. I’ll be grateful of any advice..


Hi Jennifer,

This does sound very didgy indeed and not something I have heard of in a very long time. Money laundering or tax evasion are very serious crimes and these sound the most likely reasons.

I would request that the Landlord provide you with bank details rent can be paid to, failing that you will report the matter to HMRC to investigate accordingly.

Hope that helps.

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