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Unable to complete mutual checkout and more!

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Hi, At the checkout our landlady was so intimidating that we could not stay in the property.

After this event she wrote a list demanding that we pay another months rent – we haven’t!

the list of grievances she sent we agree with some and not others – but would like to enter the property to take out own photographic evidence and to rectify some of the cleaning issues she says are inplace (which we dispute)

We have asked for access and been denied. What is our situation?

We have agreed to clear some rubbish and sme other items left in a garden but she is saying she will pay for a team to do this. And has ordered a skip on our behalf for which she will charge us.

The original inventory was made 4 years ago for an AST of 2 years, this was done by the landlord and was incorrect in some cases.

At the end of 2 years the landlords then returned for a visit but did not do an inspection and a new AST was entered into without an inventory. Is the first inventory valid?

We made amendments to the first inventory which we lodged with the letting agent. The letting agent does not manage the property and denies having the amendments.

We asked for a gas safety cert for a calor gas oven and were never provided with on. We had to arrange to have the boiler serviced and then pay for it our selves with the landlord reimbusing – they are now saying we are responsible for not having asked for a safety certificate.

The immersion heater has never been serviced – the landlord is saying that is our responsibility.

Our original inventory and copy of the amendments are in the house and we are not allowed access (we do have email copies)

We do have photographic evidence that some of her comments are incorrect ( Google street maps has its advantage!!)

We feel bullied and intimidated. Having said we want access but without her presence she has retorted that this is now in the hands of the solicitor.

Do we just wait for it to go to dispute and then put forward our case?

Sorry bit of a brain dump but unfortunately I am going though cancer treatment and am a little fragile!


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Hi Guys,

If your tenancy has ended then you have no right of access. Any cleaning, rubbish clearance, etc should all have been done in oreoaration of the Check Out- so it sounds like she may have had good reason to be upset.

However, she is not in a position to demand a month’s rent. What is more Deposits are very strictly legislated. If you cannot reach a mutual agreement on what is to be deducted from your deposit then you simply contact the scheme your deposit is registered with and file a Dispute with them. They will oversee this matter, rule and allocated funds accordingly.

This does take a while though so I do recommend trying your best to agree a sum with her.

P.S. It is her responsibiloty to supply evidence to suport her claims NOT for you to prove you are innocent.

Hope that helps.

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