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Uncomfortable Tenancy

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My son moved into a single room, which he realised quite soon was a mistake as it was so small it was claustrophobic   and the only skylight window could only be accessed by ladder.  There was a double room free and quite soon my son moved in there.  The only other tenant was the landlady’s son, followed some weeks later by a tenant for the single room.  The landlady’s son became very friendly with the new tenant and spend a lot of time together socially.  My son was originally contracted for 6 months but when he changed to the double the landlady asked if he would change to 12 months, which my son agreed to but he never received a new contract.  Over the past few weeks my son has been made to feel unwelcome.  When the tenants son goes out he turns off the Internet.  He recently got a letter saying he had to leave at the end of his tenancy, which is in February (6 months tenancy).  This morning he went out to work at 11am as normal but couldn’t set the alarm, which leads me to believe the code has been changed.  He has stopped using the kitchen as he feels so uncomfortable.  When he is not working 12 hrs a day 6 days a week he is reduced to sitting in his room.  He doesn’t use the sitting room and only uses the bathroom.  My son has suffered from depression for many years and at one time was unable to work.  He has come such a long way and it is heartbreaking to watch his slowly regressing in health.  I am so worried he will be unable to continue with his work due to depression again.  Has anyone any ideas? Does the Estate Agent have any power to help? 

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Is your son being harassed by the other tenant and the landlady’s son ? Are they making anything to make him feel bad or in any case disrupt his daily routine ? 

Could this be just the way your son feels around these people ?

If there is any dispute in the house, it’s the landlord’s job to solve it and make sure there is peace. However, because their own son is living inside, I find it unlikely to get any help from the landlady. 

Unfortunately, the estate agent is just an employee of the landlord and will do whatever is told, so there is hardly anything they can do to help. Maybe your son just needs to find a property of his own where he can be at peace and cope with his own mental state. 

I always think being around people is better when you have depression, but different people feel differently, so maybe that is a solution. In any case, if your son is getting worse, something needs to be done ASAP to prevent deteriorating his condition.

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