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Unexplained fees!!

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Hi all,

in need of some advice here. I am wanting to leave my tenancy early and was aware there would be fees included to do this however after speaking to my estate agents (who have been awful through my tenancy) I received this outlining all fees ect. Please can someone give me some information or advice regarding this. Can they really charge close to £900 to end a 3 year tenancy after 2 and a half years!! 

Early termination fee- £480.00 inc vat

Check out fee- £120.00 inc vat

TDS Renewal Fee- £50.00 inc vat

Administration Fee- £90.00

Inventory for new tenancy- £120.00 inc vat


You will also remain liable for the property for until the day before a new tenancy starts.


Thank you! 

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Hi Amelia,

As you are looking to terminate a lease early agents/landlords can charge (within certain limitations) what they wish. Usually, however, these should be set out in the Tenancy Agreement you signed- so do check that.

You may want to check if they are memebers of an organisation such as ARLA, NALS, RICS etc and (if so) check with them what they think of such charges.

The only 2 I find strange are:

TDS renewal- there is no charge allocated to renewing an individual deposit with TDS as it is a yearly branch membership. What is more, they would have had to reconcile your deposit and register a new one at the end of your tenancy anyway.

Inventory for New Tenancy- again, as above, this is a charge that would have been charged for a new tenancy anyway and is not incurred as a direct result of your action. As such, whilst not illegal, it is somewhat harsh to charge this.

Hope that helps.

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