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unfair deductions from deposit

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Would anyone know if we are entitled to a recipt and proof that the money deducted from our deposit is used for work that the landlord claims is necessary. He is claiming £150 for redecorating due to some scuffs on the wall. The house was in a bad state of decoration when we moved in (only 4 mnth ago) and the landlord is being dropped from the agents books so we are moving out. Dont have the energy to take it further but would like to know we are not just lining their pockets. Thanks in advance

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Scuffs are generally regarded as fair wear and tear, so you should not have to pay for this. Regardless, any deductions would have to be based on actual evidence, so independent check-in/check-out reports showing clear photographs of the before and after situation and estimates or invoices for the repair would be required.

You say you haven’t got the energy to take it further but really you won’t need to do much, as it is the landlord who would be required to prove their case, so my advice is to state that you dispute the damage and wish to go to adjudication with the deposit protection scheme. If you can find time to write a few paragraphs when invited to do so to give your side, then this will help.

if you don’t dispute this, then as you suspect, you will be lining their pockets.

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