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Unfair Deposit Deduction

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Hi All,

Is my landlord allowed to decuct money from my deposit due to inconveniences in delivering keys back?

My moving van got cancelled last minute and i had to book a new one so i couldn’t deliver the keys at the time i said i was going to deliver them. My landlord asked me to send the keys in an uber to him, which i decided to do only after he said he would split the cost. Not only did he not split the cost of the taxi fare, he also deducted money from my deposit to send the keys to his new tenant.

Can i take this further? I’m not too bothered about getting the money back – I just feel its really unfair.

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I think it was fair for you to cover the uber fair. It was your appointment that got cancelled, not the landlord’s.

You can probably dispute this in the deposit protection scheme, but is it worth waiting for six weeks (on average) ? 

If yes, download our guide – Deposit return and negotiating disputes

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