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Unfair eviction notice?

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Hi, hope some one can help spread some light on my situation.

I moved into my property in November 2013 – my landlord was lovely but I’ve had problems with one particular set of neighbours. Out of the blue, I received an eviction notice from my landlord (2 months notice) asking me to leave in May 2014. (At the six months break clause) on questioning this he told me he had decided to sell the property. I’m 21 and a mother of three, my youngest being 14 days old. I have absolutely no funds to move out (I.e..removals; deposits for a new property; etc) I had no idea I would be asked to leave and have obviously put no money aside. On asking the landlord to reconsider it was basically a no..and he was going ahead with selling the property.

How ever..today my neighbours popped over my fence and made a remark to me about how I was “leaving in a month and they no longer had to deal with me” I know my neighbour is in contact with my landlord. Is it legal for my landlord to be discussing my personal information, (the eviction) with them? I’m also fairly convinced the neighbours have been pestering my landlord which has resulted in the eviction.

I don’t intend to leave – as I really have no means to do so..Once my eviction date has come and gone. Could my landlord change the locks on the house and be within legal rights to do so? I honestly have no idea where I stand legally.

Please help!

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Hi Grace,

We are sorry to hear this – what a stressful situation. Please contact Shelter straight away. They offer free advice 24-7 to help prevent people from becoming homeless.

Legally, your landlord has every right to serve you 2 months notice at the end of the fixed term of your Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement. It is considered ‘Notice to quit’.

Your landlord does need to follow correct procedures for this to be legal though, so to make sure she or he has followed the guidelines, see the following pages on our site. If they have not put your deposit in a Deposit Protection Scheme for example, the notice to quit is invalid and you may have some more time to save for the move.




We really do wish you all the best for you and your family. Please let us know how you get on.

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