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unfair landlord

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live on my own with very noisey neighbors the house next door are indian family with about 18 adults and about 15 children they are not very nicr they did put there children over the fence in garden to get next door the other side we have a pond and 2 dogs and i told them they must not do that we also were plaged with foxes so i put up net fence and bamboo one the other side each time i do something they complain to landlord the children shout abuse tome and call me a white B….d when i saw him in street i sked him what he had to say for himself and he run off with his mates when i got home he had told his dad i got him by the throat and threw him on floor completely untrue and once again they phoned landlord and police i was arrested and put on bail then each night i was goaded by the men in family i called police and said im being intimadeted they came out and had a word with them then i was parking car i saw 4 of the women and pushchair walking across road infront of me next day police came and said it had been repoted that i tried to run over these people thank god i had witness who said it was completely untrue and again they called landlord The landlord sent a young asian guy to check fencing he said he was only workind at this jobfor one more week and then leaving Iexplained the fence was for a bit of privacy and that neighbours were so rude with there lublub language he came in spoke about how lovely decoration was and then left i was call to landlords office as the young guy felt very offened at my lubaluba remark and he asked me not to repeat it as he was offended as well landlord has sent letter to say all this is unacseptable and i have broke my tennacey with the remark made one of his members of staff this will proberly mean me loseing my tenancy

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