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unfair landlord

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Hello there, back in 2012 my partner rented a property whilst she was at college, now in September time the house developed mould and informed the landlord, it got worse and spread onto clothes and furniture, keeping a long story short she complained and rang and even went to the letting agents for 3 months, they finally sent someone to basically paint over the mould and insert 2 air ducts in her bedroom, within 3 days the mould had gotten worse and covered all the walls, all her belongings, it was that bad even the skirting board was dripping so she decided to leave but had a contract but said to the landlords that she isn’t taking it anymore, she got scabies from the mattress and was put out of work and college for over a month, by this point she was financially behind a month and same with her college, the college said that she was too far behind and had to come back next year so the benefits she got to help towards the rent would have stopped and she wouldn’t have been able to afford the property anyways. Now they sent it to court cause we refused to pay and they neglected her and the property beyond belief, the court said they would look over the case but we still haven’t heard anything, I am now paying a £3500 debt which should not be owed to the landlord and it’s like the justice system has a stick up its arse cause everyone I ring to ask about the case and advice they just pass me on to someone else, just need someone with knowledge to help me cause I think it’s so unfair, I have all picture evidence from the house and emails and I am an eye witness to the mould and scabies as I witnessed it all happen, it’s cause caused my girlfriend to have depression and they’ve been hassling us for over 2 years but cause the court hadn’t got back in touch and bailiffs were at our door I had no choice but to pay them back :/

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The fact that you say you have bailiffs at the door suggests the case has been to court, a hearing has taken place and the court ruled in favour of the landlord.  Is this correct? 




As the above says, a bailiff would not be able to come to your home without a court order. If your case hasn’t been to court and you don’t believe there was a court order then you should look into the authority the bailiffs have – there are unscrupulous people out there who will send people who pretend to be bailiffs but who don’t actually have any authority. This guide from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau tells you how to make sure the bailiff is genuine and what to do if that’s not the case.

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