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Unfair Landlord?

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My partner and I are currently lodging at his sisters house. We have an agreement but she seems to change rules to suit herself. She had a boyfriend who would stay at over for at least 5 nights a week, sometimes more, there was never a reduction in our rent to cater for this, instead when the electricity bill went up due to the extra person, our rent went up too. When we paid our deposit, she wanted the money paid into her personal account and not as we have been advised into a separate account. She also now wants our rent paid part transfer into her bank account and part cash, as she had a letter advising that she earns too much money and would be taxed more, she said if this were to happen we would have to pay the extra money to cover her being heavily taxed. She would argue constantly with her boyfriend and we often found ourselves being forced into our room to stay out of the way. On one occasion it was nearly midnight and the first occasion I got the courage to ask them to be quiet and I found myself the victim of verbal abuse. She has a cat which is never flea treated and we are expected to care for it when she has a holiday. She never helps with housework and rarely buys cleaning products and has actually laughed at us for buying them. My boyfriend works part time and she refuses for him to have any heating on in the daytime. She recommends him wrapping up, this includes when it has been snowing. She has now taken up learning to play the flute and feels she has the right to play this whenever takes her fancy, her advice to us, put headphones on. Yet we are told to not make a noise when she has gone to bed or is feeling ill. The flute playing has been known to start early in the morning when we are in bed. And I would like to add we have 2 young children living next door and she often plays when they are in bed. I work a very demanding job which involves me commuting and I’m often tired, she has actually told me I’m pathetic and need to get a life. We will happily spend an evening in our room when she has guests over,but on the rare occasion we do, she will embarrass us, this does feel deliberate. I feel so trapped as we currently cannot afford to rent on our own, but feel so bullied by our landlady, any advice would be great fully accepted.

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Sorry, but i can’t help you with this one. Lodger tenancy agreement are very loose and give the landlord a lot of rights and not too much responsibilities. Unless you find the confidence to confront her, which should be your partner’s job, honestly, you will have a hard time dealing with the situation for too long. 

I suggest you also look into flatshare – renting with other people, just not this person, in particular.

Honestly, I feel that the landlady has something personal, or feels like she has the upperhand and is just a bully in life, and, as a landlord. 


The situation has now worsened, she came home last night and out of nowhere started screaming and shouting at us, she’s said she wants us to move out. A huge argument ensued between her and my partner to where she said disgraceful comments about my brother who passed away 2 weeks ago. I really didn’t need the stress of trying to look for somewhere to live on top the loss of my brother. I really don’t know what I’m going to do?

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