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Unfair Landlord - need help

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I moved into the house at the beginning of July. The house was in terrible condition, but he knew it. After agreeing with the landlord that I lead to a nice state house (painting, silicones, Sewerage was a mega dirt after previous ones, etc.) he leaves the price of rent
The contract for the agency but the agency only signed the contract, rest is carried out with the landlord and pay it to him.
From the beginning, I can not solicit up to give me the key to the patio door. but it is less of a problem. Most pisses me off that the kitchen is furnished with a dishwasher which, despite his assurances is not working. By wasting time and money. My family consists of 2 adults and 2 children so it is a lot of dishes every day.
Apart from that fitted in bathrooms are additional electric heaters which do not work too. I contacted the landlord dozen times and smack me or corresponded completely off-topic.
Kindly please help to deal with it.
(sorry for the English google translate)


Hi Mario

The first step is to put all your complaints in writing – set out exactly what has happened and when and what you want done about it (and when). It might be worth you visiting Citizens Advice, Shelter or a Law Centre as they should be able to help you put the letter together and advise you what you can do next.


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