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unfair letting agents

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My letting agent has for several years been okay (as much as any of them seem to be now). They do 6 monthly maintenance inspections and in the past they were very quick 5 minute “is everything okay?” Type things. But recently they seem to have changed, firstly they started trying to access property without asking, they didn’t actually have the correct key by chance so I found out when they phoned to say they’d tried to enter and couldn’t so they needed a copy of the key. I was livid and stated as i always have that I never agree to key access. Then they sent letters about inspections very late, barely a couple of days ahead, I work so not always reasonable for me, but in the past I just phoned and arranged something convenient. Now they put in the letter about a £15 fee if you want to change the date or time! This is not in our contract as we are just on a rolling one from our original, the exorbitant fees to renew a new one were laughable, almost as much as the entire deposit. I get the impression of a change in management and to be honest I’m tempted to ask the ll if he would be interested in getting rid of the agency. I’ve met him a few times before and he seemed okay. 

Just wanted to vent a little and share my frustrating story. Also do you think I can reasonably claim these charges are unfair?

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Unfair or not, there is no way to protest against these charges, as there is no legal definition of letting agent fees, outside that they should be advertised on their website. 

If you want to get rid of the letting agent and like your landlord, it’s good, but somebody has to manage the property, and your landlord is obviously not interested. 

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