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Unfair reason for keeping deposit

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When I went into the office of the estate agent to sign my tenancy agreement I was told my deposit was £465 which I paid cash. one of the younger ladies asked another older lady about the first months rent, which the older lady replied she would sort housing benifit out for it. I did inform them I was working full time and would not be claiming it. She the said it would be fine and she would sort it.

Now the day I handed my keys back to them they said that I still owe one months rent to which I was shocked because I have paid my rent before it was due every month. this is when they said it was the rent in advance I was missing.

I want to know if they can keep my deposit because in six months they have never said anything about it and have never sent anything in writing to me about this first month.

Service provider

What documentation did they give you. If thet didnt deal with the deposit correctly you can claim up to 3 X £465 off them.

If you need help drop us a line www.depositclaimsuk.com

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