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unfair treatment

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We have just vacated a property and are in dispute with the landlord over the return of our bond. He is claiming all of it £575 for redecorating and non working lightbulbs. We are arguing that because of a past dispute we are being treated unequitably. We can make a robust case for this. However an additional point is that having started to look into the issue we have discovered that we did not have a gas safety certificate at any point in our 18 month tenancy, we did not know this should have been in place. What if anything can we do about this and does it add anything to our case against the landlord. 

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The gas safety certificate is another issue, not relevant to your deposit. However, if you want to stick it to the man, notify the council and provide obvious proof of lacking gas safety certificate. They might fine the landlord, or not. 

As for the deposit, you can just use the deposit protection scheme, where your deposit should be protected. Use our new tool – Tenancy Deposit Checker, to search for your deposit if you don’t know where it is being held. 

If it is not protected, you can follow the guidance on the tool and contact our partner solicitor to seek compensation from the landlord. 

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