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Unfurnished agreement with Letting Agent / Landlord issue

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We were supposed to get the keys of an unfurnished flat next week but yesterday the letting agent called saying that the landlord cannot afterall removed the furniture. In the contract, it does not say it is furnished or not and we have email from the letting agent stating that the landlord agrees on our terms for furniture.

Our schedule is very tight and I wonder what are our rights here? And what would be the best approach to handle this issue? We already have furniture and we can obviously not move in a furnished flat and get rid of the furniture at our cost.

Thanks !


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Have you signed the lease agreement? If it is stated in the lease agreement that the premises are to be unfurnished then that is what you must get.  If the landlord refuses to remove the furniture then you must advise him that al of the furnishings will be placed into storage at his cost.  If he refuses to provide you with the keys to the premises after you have signed the lease agreement then that may be a Breach Of Contract and any forseeable damages arising from the said breach would be claimable from the landlord by you.  Hope that it doesn’t come down to this but that’s what can happen……hope that helps a little.


Hi Julien

Tom is right that if the tenancy states that the property is unfurnished then that’s what it should be. Are you sure that it doesn’t state this somewhere in there? Normally, it is mentioned. If there is an inventory in a schedule to the tenancy then this could be another indication of the agreement that there be no furniture. Unfortunately, I don’t think the email with the agent is any use if the tenancy is signed as normally the tenancy will stand alone. 

You could offer to accommodate the landlord’s issue if – as suggested above – he pays for some storage. Perhaps a month rent reduction that is the same amount as the cost of a storage unit?



HI Everyone,

I’ve passed my credit check and the agents still require a gaunantor ?

Is this normal?


Service provider

Julian, The other comments are good, however your landlord (going by your comments) sounds abusive.

Maybe my organization can help (free of charge). I work as a consultant for a lettings consultancy and we assist tenants as well. There’s no way you need to pay in such a way nor do any work on the house. If you can let me have a copy of your letting agreement, black out any names if you like, and tell me where you live in the UK. My contact is Agents.KosenRooms.space (kosenrooms.com).

If your landlord is being unreasonable you can counter him but the trick is to find the best way to do this.

Keep in touch, Oliver

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