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Unhealthy conditions

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Please help me, this is my first tenancy agreement. Whole property is rented from estate agents by my flatmate and he rented room to me. We have agreement that I will tell him 1 month in advance if I want to end tenancy. The problem is that I can’t live there anymore due to unhealthy conditions: FLEAS. And not just couple of them, we have them everywhere now. I can’t sleep, they bite me, I have bleeding wounds. My flatmate is keeping cat in house and it is forbidden to keep animals in this property. I was begging him to buy something for fleas for 2 months (when we had only few) but he did nothing. Now we have them EVERYWHERE and I just want to end this agreement and move out but he wants me to stay for whole month. What should I do? Thank you for help. Magdalena

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