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unlicenced HMO flat

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Hi there

I would like to ask your advice. So we (me and my friend) live in a houseshare (HMO) . We live nine of us in house. The property not HMO licenced. Too many people live there and have only one bathroom and kitchen what is usually occupied. I would like to ask waht we can do? We just really scared to ask a landlord about HMO asdont feel safe there at all and we maybe make her upset. Is it possible to call the council anonumisly ? We have a 6 month contract what happen if house got HMO licenced ? How long the council take action against the landlord?

Thank you very much



Lily- unlicensed HMOs (especially as you have described) are very damgerous and completely illegal. I would report the matter to your local council immediately and they can handle the matter going forwards.

Hope that helps- Kristjan


Hi Kristjan


Thanks for your answer! I already contacted council and reported the property as unlicenced hmo. Do you know how long does the council inspect the case (come around and check the property)? 

Many thanks


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