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Unlicensed HMO

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Upon being discharged from hospital last month, my boyfriend contacted the local council’s environmental health department regarding the mold in our rented room. He was unable to be present at the visit, so it was arranged for me to be present on Thursday 14th July. 

When he arrived, one of the first things he said to me, was that he thinks the house isn’t licensed. I had to fill in a form about what facilities are shared, and who is in the house. He asked if he could speak to the others, and I said it would create more  grief for me.

I have had nothing but stress from living in that house, with a range of issues, so I don’t interact with other tenants (I’m now the only female) other than my boyfriend of course. 

Last Friday 22nd July, I hear two knocks on our bedroom door, which I ignored. Then, around 6pm, I hear two men that turned out to be a member of the Estate Agents and the Landlord, and I could hear them mentioning to the head tenant about the house not being licensed, and referred to me as “she” (head tenant mentioned knocking on our door, and that he got no answer, and that she refused to sign the joint agreement) to which I heard “She’s created a lot of problems for us” and that. Should’ve contacted the EA office. 

I didn’t report the house as being an unlicensed HMO, as I wasn’t certain it fell into the category.My boyfriend was out Friday evening, so I felt very scared; I already feel intimidated and Friday night really intensified it.This event has landed me in hospital (yet again!) and I’m terrified they are waiting to ‘pounce’ on me when I get discharged.

‘m not a trouble maker, I reported the to the head tenant, and the Estate agents back in January, initially, they asked if i was around for a vsit planned that day – but told them i was working.Anyway, after arrangement with them, after one agreed appointment with a contractor (who failed to turn up) I  was present for two separate contractor visits. My boyfriend and I had at last three landlord/room inspections cancelled at the last minute.

We’re sick fed up of all the hassles we’ve had.

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Hi Fiona,

Whilst they dont sound a great bunch, nothing you have said sounds intimidating. However, if your are genuinely feeling intimidated then it is very simple- you report the matter to the local police.

As for an unlicensed HMO- a Tenant should never feel bad for enacting/enforcing legislation. You have done nothing worng here- only the agent and Landlord have acted illegally. They both know this and are now terrofied that they both face huge fines. HMOs are strictly legislated, much like deposits, and I always state that Tenants MUST know AND enforce laws to protect you. If you don’t- what are they there for.

What is more, if you let Landlord & Agents get away with such things and simply move out, doing nothing, then how are things meant to improve? Councils can only act on reports filed with them- as can the police. The industry only improves if the legislation there is enforced.

Most agents or Landlords follow the law to the letter and provide excellent quality accommodation- it is the rogue few that tarnish the rest of us.

If you really are unhappy there just ask the agent/landlord/tenants if they will release you from the contract to vacate early, agree a date and do so accordingly. As long as all parties agree contracts can change at any time.

However do please ensure that the council follow up on this matter- whether you stay or go.

Hope that helps.

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