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Unnecessary check out fee

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I’m due to move out of my rental home of over 3 years on 14th July and already have a disagreement with the letting agents. After I’ve asked, they’ve informed me that I’m expected to pay a  £120 check out fee that funds an independent contractor to compile an unbiased report on the condition of the property.

At the beginning of my tenancy I signed a document that states:-

“Some landlords ask “XXXX XXXX” to employ external inventory companies to produce an inventory for their property before the let. Where this applies, you will be liable for a check out fee when the inventory company arrives out their inspection at the end of the tenancy. Having an independent check out report provides an impartial view on how the property has been returned at the end of the tenancy and can assist is speeding up the return of your security deposit.”

The issue I have is that an independent check out report is completely unnecessary. The letting agents inspected the property every 3 months, this was later changed to every 6 months. We given no reason that the property is being mistreated.

Our check in report details that the property was dirty, unkept and unmaintained. I have gone to great lengths to improve this property whilst being the tenant. I even repainted the whole house when I moved in. I know this is at my own expense but the property is clearly in a substantially better condition compared to when I received it. I see no reason why I should pay when it’s clear to see the property condition is much nicer.

I’ve already told them that I will not be forthcoming with payment of this fee. Can the letting agent withhold £120 of my bond and if they do, do I have reasonable grounds to get it back?

Thanks for reading

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The agents will simply deduct it from the deposit. You have no argument in your defense. You signed the contract, with the particular clause that obliges you to pay the check out inventory at the end of the tenancy. 

You should have disputed this before signing the contract, where you would have had some bargaining power. Now you have your hands tied and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sorry, but this is how it is.

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