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Unnoticed leaking toilet - who is liable?

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Hello, so here’s the situation

I received a call yesterday from Severn Trent Water, they told me that the meter is showing a huge amount of water going into my property over the last 6 months. We had the meter installed (at Severn Trent’s suggestion) at the end of February and they checked it for the first time on the 5th of August. Since checking it they have waited over a month to notify me of the very high usage.

As soon as I got the call I became worried so I went through the house (1960s era 3 storey town-house with a toilet and garage on the ground floor, kitchen and lounge on the first and 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on the 2nd floor, we spend almost all of our time either upstairs or in the lounge/kitchen so always use the bathroom toilet). Sure enough, the ground floor toilet was slowly leaking from the cistern into the basin… I only noticed after I used a piece of toilet paper against the back of the basin. If it has been making any sound refilling the cistern it has probably been either drowned out by the oil boiler next to it or unheard through the closed door (we have a small dog and she used to get stuck in it when we moved in so we always leave the door closed). 

I managed to stop the leak temporarily by stopping the floater with a cleaning bottle wedged beneath it. I removed the syphon and the flush valve seal looks completely degraded, very frayed around the circumference and even has a lengthy split across the main surface. 

So my question is who will be responsible for the water bill? Severn Trent are sending someone round next Tuesday to check for other possible leaks and will try and estimate exactly how much water we’ve actually used if we didn’t have a leak. The Land Lord has been unresponsive at the best of times (the last time I got a reply from him was in April and since then I’ve requested other repairs which have gone unanswered.

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