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Unsafe Oven - Moving out in 4 days

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Here are the facts – 

We move out in 4 days

Today, got the oven professionally cleaned – The cleaner said he was shocked the oven A) still works and B) hasnt set something on fire.

There are no screws holding the inside of the oven in place, the back panel has rusted and there is no protection glass sheet on the door. He suggested we shouldnt use the oven anymore as its unsafe!! 

Now its been like this for 3 years, as we didnt know it didnt have this glass sheet. Over the 3 years engineers have been out to fix other problems with the oven but these were never raised (to our knowledge). 

I called the letting angency, to let them know the situation and the information we had been told. They said thanks for reporting and would be in touch. I’m not fussed about using it again, its more they would come back to me if its us who would need to front the bill for fixing it. 

Now its been like this since we moved in and if we had known it wasnt safe we would of got it sorted asap! 

Thoughts on this? 



You probably don’t need to worry about this. It’s great that you reported it immediately to the agent – this is the proper thing to do. 

If worst comes to worst, you may contact the cleaner and get their statement as a back-up for the deposit protection scheme.

Don’t use it anymore and just leave it like it is. 

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