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Use of our own white goods

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We moved into a property 3 months ago that has a washing machine & dryer included. However, the tumble dryer doesn’t work, so we bought our own, not having time to wait for them to eventually fix the one that’s there (which is still not fixed and we did report it when we moved in). Secondly, we have a much newer, high capacity load washing machine we are using instead of the supplied one, which can be described as old, mouldy etc. We are storing both appliances in the house as the landlord insits it is part of the package, which is fine. However, she is now also insisting on us installing her appliances, basically forcing us to use hers. 

Is this allowed? Am I within my rights to use my own appliances?

Can the landlord evict us if we don’t comply?

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Hi Cat,

Whilst unusual, you are totally welcome and entitled to use your own appliances. However, you must ensure they are installed and maintained correctly and you could be held solely accountable should any damage result from a leak, fire, etc.

However, as long as you keep the Landlord’s appliances and have them correctly re-installed beforew you vacate you are not in any breach I am aware of nr would the Landlord have any grounds to terminate the lease.

Hope this helps.

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