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Utilities Bills

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I moved into a 2 bedroom property at the end of october 2015 with 1 flatmate. On the list of fees we were to pay alongisde adminstration, credit, references, guarantor etc was a £500 bill per annum which contributed towards UTILITIES for the whole flat. It was a 5 bedroom tall flat, the house WAS in a better condition from the outside so it is safe to say the heavy utilities bill was used by the landlord to clean porch, employ cleaners to hoover the staircare and what not. I am not disputing that the £500 towards ‘ BLOCK UTLITIES ‘ was not spent on such utilities. What I am disputing is that mutually (between the tenant and the landlord) we left the property through the contractual breakclause on April 15th 2016 therefore we were only beneficiaries of the £500 BLOCK UTLITIES per annum for 6 months of the time. 

In simple terms we paid £500 for block utilities and will only have been beneficiaries for 6 months.

1) Do I have a right for a refund of this money? 

2) If Yes, On what grounds should I apply pressure against the landlord? 

3) I have the means and neccessary effort to go to court so this is 100% an option. Even if it’s ‘just’ £250, principle is principle. 


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Hi Dave

Without seeing the whole contract I cant state categorically, however based on the information you have provided in this email, yes, you are entitled to a refund equivalent to the unused term of your tenancy- i.e. 6 months or 50%.

I would simply write to your Landlord, citing the relevant clause(s), and requesting the refund of the relevant amount to your account within 28 days otherwise you will commence legal proceedings. This should be done in writing and either sent recorded/registered mail to the Landlord’s address stated on the Tenancy Agreement or, if sent by email, you should obtain a ‘read receipt’ or soem form of reply confirming receipt.

If the money is not returned by your set deadline, I would then first take legal advice on the matter before proceeding any further. Filing is CCJ is both more expensive and more time-consuming than many people realise. There is plenty of legal advice available through the Council, Citizens Advice Bureau, Shelter and more.

Good Luck

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