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Hi All.,

As a teannant do I have the rights to ask to see, permission from the Mortgage company that the landlord can let his property out.?

It also mentions that the landlord has to have adequate insureance in place for the property, can I ask to see this also.

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Hi Denis,

This is a very unusual request. It is common for Relocation Agents representing huge coprporates to request this but this is to fulfil their obligations under contract to their client. You can ask, but I doubt many Landlords would consent to release this. If you are determined to find out, you can purchase the Title Register online for around £3 and this will disclose the lender- you can then contact them directly and raise the request however they may not give you anything due to Data Protection Act laws.

As for Insurance, if the lender has a mortgage they will require insurance. If the property is a flat in a block it is usually a building policy- however the insirance os to protect the property and him so the cover is not really your entitlement.

As stated, you can ask but I dont think you will be supplied with either of these.

Hope that haleps- Kristjan

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