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Want to leave assured tenancy early

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Hi in April 16 we renewed our assured tenancy for 12 months. in may I went back to work after maternity leave on different hours which means the property no longer works for us dure to location. I messaged my landlord today to explain and ask that they release me to move in one months time but said I would leave the bond with them by way of compensation. my landlord is on holiday til 1st August and has moved to a different address than on the contract. what o hadn’t realised was that altho we signed this April, the gas safety cert had expired in sept 2015 ……if a property can’t be let without one is the agreement signed six months after the expiry valid as legally the property shouldn’t have been let. also we have not received detail as to where the bond paid in Sept 14 was placed. 


Hi Jo,

Whilst the Deposit and Gas Certificate are very serious issues this does not necessarily invalidate the contract. You may want to suggest to your Landlords that they let you go as they are in breach of various stringent regulations and could currently be fined a LOT of money should you choose to report these 2 breaches.

These two points, and the fact we are currently in the Summer peak season for re-letting property, should all mean the Landlord is happy to let you go. If he isnt, then I would simply report the two breaches mentioned to the relevant authorities.

Hope that helps.

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