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Warning! Lloyds Bank and Landlords!

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I don’t know whether I am in the correct bit but I just thought I’d share my recent experience.
I’d got a property and the landlord was a ‘friend.’ I’d gone abroad to have a look around to see if I wanted to stay.
I’d been in contact with Lloyds and they knew of the situation but I didn’t change my bank details because I still had the UK address and the post was being sent on to me via a redirection I had set up to go to them and I was travelling around.
Unbeknown to me, the landlord was going in to the property and the redirection had failed (just for a week).
The landlord opened my mail, phoned Lloyds and told them she had no previous knowledge of me and that I had scarpered!
Completely untrue!
Did the bank contact me even though they had my telephone number and email address???? They did not.
They left it for me to find out. Months later. After they had blocked my account.
I also find out that the same person who phoned the bank had done a few other mallicious things – despite still being very nice to my family.
Anyway, you’ll be pleased to note that Lloyds and the Ombudsman, think they did nothing wrong. It wasn’t their job to contact me and tell me someone had got hold of my personal mail (the landlord telephoned a specific person not just the bank generally) and that this person, who could identify themselves, had given them completely contradictory information to the information I had provided!
And, of course, they don’t have to provide details of who phoned them because they are protected by the Data Protection Act.

So, the way I see it is: you could nip off to work today, the landlord could go in and have a good rummage through your post, contact your bank and say whatever they wanted, and the bank would not get in touch with you (provided of course the bank didn’t think it was you they were speaking to anyway) and the bank are not in the wrong.

Fair warning!

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Ooh, I can’t edit. It should say the redirection was set up to go to my family, so they didn’t have to collect it before sending it to me depending on where I was.

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