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Washing machine drainage issue

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When we first moved in into the property a year agao, the inventory was done without making sure that washing machine plumbing work.  When we were handed over the keys , the very same day we coudnt wash our daily clothing or work wear becasue the waste water pipes connected to the washing machine was faulty. We tried calling the estate agent by email and phone calls who were acting on behalf of the landlord, they took a month to resolve the issue. We went daily or so to do  our washing by going to laundrette and for the whole month. We also got all the inovices from the laundrette self services and presented to the estate agent and they kept delaying and its being over a year now and we dont know what action to take?



Your agent is required to be registered with one of the three redress schemes in England – The PRS, The Property Ombudsman and Ombudsman Services. 

You will find links for all three in our resources page – www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/your_home/tenant-resources/

You can contact the redress scheme where your agent is registered and file a complaint. It’s good that you saved the invoices, as any compensation you might possibly win will be based entirely on those. 

Be persistent, but polite ! Good communication is a must. Don’t let frustration get in the way of resolving this problem.

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