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Water Leak

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This is Howard, I am currently rent a property 7 Newburn Court at 23 Granville Road (N120HQ) which managed by letting agenct ‘Martyn Gerrard’.

I have a serious water leaking issue in the bedroom since the first day of my lease agreement on 18/08/2016 which had also been reported in the same day. Unfortunately landlord has not fixed the issue in this six months and not the situation is getting deteriorated and has caused I cannot sleep in the room.

It totally cannot be allowed to go on idefinitely without any compensation offered to me, do I have any rights to seeking compensation for to the inconvenience?

If you could provide any information would be much appreciated.


Wouldn’t you rather get the issue repaired than win a compensation? Here is what you can do:

1. You’ve reported the damage to the landlord

2. You would normally have to send another request for repairs, but given the long period, you can simply serve a “letter before action”, asking the landlord to do repairs or you will report them to the council.

3. You report the problem to the council and request an inspection of your property. 

4. The council will serve the landlord with a mandatory improvement notice, forcing them to do repairs. 

Please download our guide that will help you with the above activities and provide the template letters you need to fill in and send. 

It’s free to download from this page – http://www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/letter-templates/request-repairs-heating-and-hot-water


Hi Martin, First of all ive got to say im sorry for the problems youve been having with the leak for several months and i can tell you would be due compensation for the issues youve had especially as you have lost use of the room. I work in the housing disrepair sector on cases like this everyday and if you would like to discuss your options, or wish to pursue this my email is richardogden1000@aol.co.uk. Hope we can help sort this out for you. Richard ūüôā 

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