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We need to hear from you

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Service provider

Nowadays a significant number of people can be seen posting their complaints/grievances in lot of forumsoer the internet we’ve come up with an idea – as a faciliator why shouldn’t we know what you exactly need and delier our services based only on that only centric towards you, so it’ll not take more than a minute and will help us to design policies for our forthcoming facility for home/vacation rentals.Thanks for understanding and helping.


Ok I get it. Been rented our flat for more than 15 years, from a private land lord. Only, started having problems when we were passed to an agency. I cannot fill in the form as 1. the agency is slightly different, they work for our council. 2. environmental health are involved.

However, I live in a Seaside resort and can check personally on Short term/ holiday lets in the Bournemouth area. I can work for you on this. I think the idea is a good one. Beware of Airbnb though.


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