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What services would tenants want ?

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Hello everybody,

I run online marketing for a website that sells end of tenancy cleaning services and various other domestic jobs and  tasks related to rented properties and moving out. 

We’re ready to expand on our available services and also add new packages for you that save greatly on multiple services grouped together. 

I decided It’s best to ask you as our core customer group about what would you purchase and how ? 

Please, consider what services and packages would be interesting and benefitial to you and drop me a two-liner ? It would help immensly in providing you with the best possible experience. 

I will drop our website down bellow, so you can check what we currently offer and please feel free to comment on anything you see and like or dislike. 

I appreciate any comments and ideas and thank you in advance ! 

Best Regards,

Audrey Wright @ Move out Mates

Service provider

You’re asking which services to provide for end of tenancy cleaning services and various other domestic jobs.

Point 1> Why are you limiting yourself to ‘end of tenancy’ is that because you want to specialise in this narrow sector, or is it because you are basically a cleaning company and want to stay within your comfort zone, doing what you know?

Point 2> I’ve been offered a position in a new company from Denmark, which is starting up in the UK and that company offers a large range of cleaning services and other services to tenants and to their landlords. Over 50 services in all. Why not take a look there; kosenrooms.com and see if you can adopt anything?

Point 3> You may even be able to provide services to kosenrooms as I think they’re still finding sub-contractors. They basically find new landlords for letting agents, let me know how you get on. (oliverozander@gmail.com)


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