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What Should I do With Landlord and other tennant?

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Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me with my ongoing hell.

Firstly i moved into this flat ive been in now 3 years ago roughly, and its been nothing but complete hell the whole ride, I am a full time working professional, I work from 5:30 am until around 5pm monday to friday, somtimes mon to sat, Now when i moved in i asked the estate agent what were the other tennants like, and i was told they were all respectful working people, who appreciate quiet just like me, Now ive had an ongoing issue with a lad who lives behind me, he refuses to work, laughs at people who do because in his own words “why work when i get paid to do nothing” that kind of attitude, he sits from the crack of dawn till the earling morning blasting music, i went to the landlord and told him about the issue and nothing was done, so after 5-6 months i got in touch with the council, i was at my backbone with this guy, id try talk to him, be nice to him about it, nothing got through, he was later on issues with a noise abatement notice, to this day still hasnt worked, I have recently got back in touch with them again and have to start the whole process over, they have intructed me to get in touch with my landlord and ask him to try sort it on our behalf, he has done nothing but tell me he is going to evict him as other people have got issues with this guy, 8 months on nothing…

He recently came out when i was putting rubbish the bins and for some unknown reason i had hold of the sky remote still ( not sure why lol ) but he came out as i said and started to cause an argument i walked away despite being the hardest thing ive done, and he hated it and he turned around and said why have you got that knife in your hand? to be honest i was a bit confused how a remote looks anything like a knife, so i just scoffed and said what this knife holding up the remote, about 30 mins later police were at my door and were arresting me, He was recording voice audio in his pocket to set me up, after 2 days i was released without charge i gave them full permission to search the house for any knives which they did not find, i explained the situation and they also agreed with his attitude towards them when they were at the property, he was recording them and asking for badge numbers just giving them a hard time as he does,

Now he moved a girl he met into the house, she has come from living of the streets and they often have violent arguments pretty much every day or two which various people have phoned the police, she will be removed from the house but come straight back when they leave and it continues, now im being approached by the council saying hes telling them im harrasing him, ive not spoke to him in months to avoid anything he tries to twist and turn about me, he says im harrasing him because i have had cameras and audio equipment set up by the council to monitor the problem, and hes saying its against his free will and feels im watching him, the walls are paper thin so its not my fault, and i dont want him to not have fun i just always explained when your up at half 4 everyday and u dont sleep because of the music or shouting its not fair.

This girl hes got in now has made threats to my partner who no longer comes round because she doesnt want to end up dragging her down the road, and its causing me issues not even wanting to return home ( somtimes ill stay out for hours ) just to have a bit of a break away but i shouldnt have to do that, maybe im just over sensative with noise i dont know, but all i want is a quiet life, ive looked at other flats and flats with council but there either way to expensive or the wait it years, so im at a loose end, 

Ive had an ongoing leak in the flat for over 4 months, which has made the ceiling collapse on me in the bathroom, the carpet is like a river, and mould is ridding through the walls and covering half the bedroom ceiling, ive been to the doctors various times regarding my chest and having genuine breathing problems in relation to the mould, and now my bathroom and bedroom are unusable, my quilt after a day had started to grow mold on it so i through it out and moved bed into the living area, but now ive had to throw that too because of mould growing, ive tried repairing myself, and also getting somone in but i just dont have the money to fix this, im paying 475 for the flat per month thats before all bills and i think its scandalous for a 1 bed flat in a converted house to pay that much with the issues, my landlord doesnt reply to call’s emails or messages and im genuinly stuck on what to do, ive looked into and and have contacted various solicitors (not for the compensation that it says can be claimed) but just to force him with the repairs, ive thought about witholding rent but i always pay it on time because i dont want more issues.

Please what can i do?

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Unfortunately, we can’t help you, if you can’t rely on your landlord, or the council. 

Your only option is to get a solicitor and use the court to force your landlord to do immediate repairs and give you financial compensation to cover at least the medical costs of your breathing problem, OR to find you an alternative accommodation which would solve both this and the noise problem. 

About your neighbour problem – it would seem that the best way to deal with this person is to move away. They seem like the person who would do everything they can to spite you and would not conform to normal human behaviour. Unfortunately is nothing to do to such a person, that would make them stop. 

Sorry, you’re not getting the answers you want, but this is the reality of your situation.

Hope you find a solution soon !

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