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When exactly tenancy begin

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I need to exactly when the rights of a tenant begin. Can someone suggest when the tenancy actualy begins ? Suppose someone has paid the seposit and signed the agreement from the tenants side and received te keys. However, the documents are not ‘executed’ yet and the countersigned copy is not in possession. In such a state does the person has some or full rights of a tenant ? What happens that within this short window if something happens and landlord changes his mind or something happens to the property ? Can the person claim part or full rights of a tenant ?



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Hi Alok

Your tenancy begins when the agreement becomes effective, which is the point at which it has all the signatures on and the document has been dated. It’s that date which is the start point. It’s difficult to know whether you might have any rights without knowing more about the situation but usually you don’t have tenancy rights until the agreement starts. Equally, your landlord has no claim over your deposit until the tenancy is in force and no right to keep any rent payments you’ve made.



The start date is usually noted on the tenancy agreement.
If you could not access the property until after this date, then you should certainly contact your landlord or agent and ask for a refund of the rent pro rata.
Obviously if the delay was your fault then you may not be entitled to such a refund

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