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Where do we stand if a shower hasn't been fixed for 3 weeks

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Hi, hoping someone can help. My girlfriend has just started renting a house, furnished, at £900 a month. The house is finished to a “good” standard, albeit there are some minor details that are shoddy. It has 1 bathroom, and a shower room. The shower has been leaking since she moved in although not noticed until after she moved in, it is running down an interior wall and the landlords agent has advised to stop using the shower as any additional damage she will be liable for. There is a bathroom, although this is on the ground floor in a very cold part of the house (especially at this time of year) and it does not have an over the bath shower, only a hand held. She has been told that this is “suitable” for the time being. It has now been nearly 3 weeks since she originally reported the Issue and despite 3 different contractors saying the shower was not installed correctly and requires to be redone correctly, they have sent a workman out (friends of the landlord) who has performed half the repair In the same way that caused the issue in the first place, something that all 3 contractors agreed would not prevent further leaks. My question is, where does she stand with a complaint? She has been having to have sit down showers for nearly 3 weeks now and when she asked for a reduction in the rent was told that they would only offer a reduction of £100 for 1 month (she pays £900) is this a reasonable reduction for the rent given the massive inconvenience that she has had to face? And also does she have any legal backing given that the “suitable” alternative is not suitable at all for daily use at 5:30am in the middle of winter for almost 3 weeks? 

Thanks in advance 

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Hi there

I would suggest putting in writing a complaint stating your issue has not been dealt with in a reasonable fashion and you would like an actual completion date for the work or you will be taking further steps .

Your further steps would be

1. Reporting them to the association they are regsited with that have codes of practice the agent must follow. Including carrying out their duties in a reasonable amount of time. Here are the main associations

  • ARLA (the Association of Renting and Letting Agents)
  • NAEA (the National Association of Estate Agents)
  • NALS (the National Approved Letting Scheme)
  • UKALA (the UK Association of Letting Agents)

2. Reporting them to trading standards for failure to carry out their duties correctly.You could write in your letter that you feel they have breached the consumers right act whcih began 1 oct 2015 for the reasons acting without care or skill, taking a long time to do something, or charging too much you just contact your local trading standards and they will take it from their

3. Report them to the redress scheme The Property Ombudsman (TPO) there are a couple more there is a step by step tool to complain here http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/downloads_and_tools/letting_agent_dispute_tool


Usually just the threat letter written out with 1. your complaints and concerns 2. what you would like to happen 3 and what you will do if it does not happen ie- complaints to the correct bodies ususlly will scare them enough to get a plumber over.


Good Luck… Ps we are not all bad agents




Hi Gemma, thanks for your response. A formal complaint is certainly something we had considered and the additional points you raised will be a big help. 


I presume this still applies given that the landlord is acting on behalf of a private landlord (who is not in the country)? The issue as we see it is that the landlord themselves where not happy with the quotes to carry out the works as proposed by 3 separate contractors and instead sent their friend who simply repaired the issue in a similar manner that caused the problem in the first place. 


The work is now completed (8pm last night) however g oh Ben the inconvenience she has had to face we are still not happy with the length of time taken to complete and also that she is still being charged the full amount for the rent when the house was not as advised at point of agreement. This issue happened in the first week of moving in 


Thanks again 

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