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White goods

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Hi everyone, we are in our 3rd yr of private renting, we are with a letting agency that we are extremely unhappy with, our landlord lives abroad, and according to our agent he never replies to their emails with regards to any problems as he does not like spending money.The most recent problem is that the washing machine packed up 3 weeks ago which was reported to agent on the day,there response was to contact landornd, because I know we will not get a reply, we offered to buy our own machine on instruction as what to to with landords machine, 3 weeks on and still no reply from landlord, agent have sent an engineer to look at problem who said it is a big job and an old machine.I JUST NEED A WASHING MACHINE! Any advice much appreciated, as this happens every time we report a fault, surely the agent is responsible to some extent?


Sorry, I forgot to add, the reason I think we are being ignored is the fact we are still expected to pay 6 months rent in advance every 6 months even though we are in our 3rd year with these people, therefore they already have our money, so we get ignored when it comes to repairs



Hi Gwendolyn

Have you contacted the landlord directly? The old ‘the landlord won’t respond’ excuse is an agent classic. It’s often worth going straight to the landlord and pointing out the problem – start in a friendly way and send an email/letter indicating what the issue is and how long it’s been a problem. If you don’t get a response then you could start pointing out that the landlord is in breach of the tenancy agreement (as long as the washing machine/white goods are part of the tenancy/inventory, which I assume they would be). The landlord’s address should be on your tenancy agreement.

If you don’t get any response, or a decent response, then you could start talking about breach of tenancy, requesting a rent reduction/refund for the period in which you’re not getting all the facilities you’re paying for under the tenancy agreement and making complaints. You can complain about the agents to any professional body they have membership of – such as the Property Ombudsman – and they can compel the agent to take action and also order they pay you compensation if you’ve suffered loss as a result of what they have or haven’t done. With all of this, bear in mind that the landlord – if he is a bad landlord – could serve you with notice. Although I’m guessing you’re protected until you’re advance rent payment period ends.

In terms of installing the machine yourself make sure you get permission from the landlord/agent in writing and bear in mind that you’ll either have to put the old one back in before you leave or leave the new one behind.

I’m not a lawyer so for advice you could try Citizens Advice or even a law centre if you’re thinking of making a claim for breach of tenancy.


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