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who is in the right - tenant or ll

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So me and my parent handed in our notice to end 23rd October. Today was the last day to make any corrections to the notice.

Today I receive a call from the developer/ll assistant to say they couldn’t accept the notice as we both hadn’t signed and I wrote my name Debra not Deborah (official spelling). I was under the impression that only one person needs to give notice. I can’t remember (stupid of me) if I just wrote my name or in fact wrote both.

She also mentioned that as it was so close to the cut off she would only have a month to re-let the flat.  Well that isn’t our issue, we only need to give 1 month, they understand this but I feel they are just trying to get 2 months out of us.

I think they will fight us on the notice or try to claim more from the deposit. If I have made a mistake with the notice then I fully take responsibility for it.

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Hi Debra

It’s difficult to help without a bit more information on the type of tenancy, the type of notice etc. What does your tenancy agreement say about notice requirements – that’s the first place to start. It should state what has to be in the notice and how it should be delivered.

In terms of taking money from the deposit, that money remains yours legally until you agree any deductions so they can’t just take anything. If they try then you should raise a dispute with the tenancy deposit scheme that is protecting your deposit and then the agent/landlord will have to prove a right to hold on to the money.

You’re most likely right that they are just trying to get two months out of you – if you can tell me more about the notice I might be able to help you work out whether it was correct.


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