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Who pays for extra fuel bills when landlord delays repairing boiler?

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A friend is a tenant in a very old house. She reported the boiler not working in May. It has only just been fixed – end September. Meanwhile, she’s had higher electricity bills to pay for using an immersion heater. Does she have any legal right to claim for some help from the landlord? She persistently chased the agent for months and nothing was done until she went to the owner direct.


Hi Kate

A good landlord should be happy to compensate for this kind of loss/extra expense. In terms of a legal right, I’m not a lawyer so I’m not 100% sure, but I would imagine you would need to have a breach of the tenancy to claim for loss – possibly a clause that says the landlord will provide gas central heating if there is one? Reading the tenancy is always the best place to start. It might also be worth her speaking to Citizens Advice or someone at a Law Centre.


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