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Who should I ask for repairs?

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Hi all members.

We are a family with three kids renting private property via Estate Agency, paying rent direct to their bank account, and they were always dealing with any requests.

Before renewing our tenancy agreement in May we’ve raised some issues like wobbly fencing (may fall on kids while playing in the garden) or cracked and not closing skylight window in the bathroom (causing rain water and cold getting into property) etc. They said that someone will be sent to quote that repairs.

As no one has been check those damages since May, I’ve chased them about it last week.

They send a builder who said that this will be cheap and quick to fix, but same time turned up landlords with their son.

At this time I’ve been at work and my wife had to deal with them. 

Landlords decided to not get professionals to carry those repairs and their son will do that.

He didn’t touch the window (still leaking) and wedged a wobbly fencing with piece of timber ( I’ve remove that while cleaning the garden so it’s wobbly again).

I did contact Estate Agancy today again with question what and when will be done as winter is coming, got back a rude answer: 



Chris has been to deal with all the issues you raised,

are you not aware of his visit to the house.


my understanding is that he got things sorted,


please get in touch direct with Chris,

he is copied in the email and you have his contact no.





So my my question is:

As I’m paying my rent and fees direct to Estate Agency and only their details and name of landlord are in the Tenancy Agreement should I chase a guy who’s got nothing to do with the property?

We can’t find nowhere on the any of the paperwork we have that he is any person to contact with.


We think that agency just want to keep away from anything.

We just want a clear answer about repairs. 


What shoul we do?


Thank you

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Hi Raff

Is the agency managing the property for the landlord? If so, then they are the people you need to chase. If they’re simply collecting rent then you need to chase the landlord directly. You can ask the agent whether they are managing the property directly. It sounds like, in this case, they’re not but it’s worth clarifying.

You could also mention that it’s a legal requirement for landlords to give 24 hours notice before arriving at the property – and that, even when giving notice, a landlord needs tenant consent to visit to avoid a claim of trespass so the fact that you were ‘not aware’ of the visit is something they/the landlord should be apologising for.


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