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Who to takle to small claims for none repairs and compensation

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I pay the letting agent my rent via direct debit every month on the same day, I have had many problems within my 2 year tenancy i wish to take this matter to the courts for compensation incl damage to my own personal property, lack of repairs and maintaince. This is a short hold tennacy and the landlord,s stated on this tennacy have the name of my landlord and the name and address of the letting agent only. There is no address of the landlord anywhere even when gas satety check has been done it has the name of the landlord and the name of the letting agent and there address.

Can i legally sue the letting agent for the problems i have had within my tennacy as this is the service i have paid for. I have not paid any moneys to the landlord all the money i pay goes to the letting agent so i would think my contract is with the agent?

As far as iam aware when you recieve a bad service in UK/EU law you should always seek the problem to resloved with the persons you paid the money to?

I must admit i may have asked this question before so my appoligise if i seem to repeat this Question



I think you need to claim your compensation from the landlord. As the property’s owner, the legal responsibility lies with him to repair and maintain the property and ensure the living conditions are at the top. 

However, before you do, have you really exhausted every complaint procedure there is ? The letting agent’s the landlord, any trade body, associations, organizations,etc. The agent must also be registered with a property redress scheme. 

You should check our resources section to find relevant links for all mentioned, including some great options of no-to-low cost legal services in the UK. 


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