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Whoes duty to clean hallways?

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Hello everyone,  I wondered if anyone knows whoes duty it is  to clean the hallway in a multi storyy building and to replace the light bulbs?  

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Hi Kath

Have a look at your tenancy agreement and see what that says. Normally, this isn’t the responsibiltiy of a tenant but falls to whoever actually owns the properties in the building (landlord/freeholder).



Hey Kath, 

As Alex said, it’s really up to the tenancy agreement. In most cases maintenance of the hallways in a multi-story building (and multi-apartment) falls either on the property owner or is outsourced to somebody who bills the building and the bill is split between the apartments. 

Changing light bulbs and other repairs, painting etc. is most likely a responsibility of the landlord. These things rarely get  sourced to  the tenants, but there are such cases as well from time to time. Read carefully your tenancy agreement. 

In regards to cleaning, I’ve been in some properties where a small building is shared between ~10 apartments. We had a clause in the tenancy agreement that cleaning the hallways and maintaing the general hygiene in the shared spaces is responsibilities of the tenants. So, we had a meeting and created a schedule where each week, a flat would be responsible for cleaning the hallway top to bottom. 


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